Nourex Professional® General Health

Health and happiness go hand in hand when you take good care of yourself and Nourex Professional's range of vitamins and supplements supports your overall wellness for optimum health.

Calm Control

Nourex Professional® Calm Control has been expertly formulated to aid restful sleep and support general wellbeing while reducing the effects of stress, mild anxiety and nervous tension.


Nourex Professional® Celery Plus X10000 provides temporary relief of mild fluid retention and supports healthy functioning of the urinary tract.

Cold Sore Rescue

Nourex Professional® Cold Sore Rescue has been scientifically formulated to combat the appearance and reoccurrence of cold sores, while supporting healing and overall wellbeing.

Detox Liver Support

Nourex Professional® Detox Liver Support is scientifically formulated to support the liver's natural digestive and detoxification processes for enhanced wellbeing.

Energy Booster

Nourex Professional® Energy Booster is a high potency vitamin B-complex to support the body’s energy production. It also supports healthy nervous system function and may be particularly beneficial during times of stress.

Iron Support

Nourex Professional® Iron Support harnesses multiple active ingredients to support healthy iron levels, help boost energy, and support overall wellbeing.

Macula Support

Nourex Professional® Macula Support helps maintain healthy vision, supports eye health and helps defend the structure of the eye from free radical damage. .

Sugar Balance

Nourex Professional® Sugar Balance may help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels within the normal range in healthy people.

Triple Strength Omega Boost EPA 540mg/DHA 360mg

Nourex Professional® Triple Strength Omega Boost EPA 540mg/ DHA 360mg helps to temporarily relieve the pain associated with arthritis, improve joint mobility and reduce inflammation while supporting heart and brain health and general wellbeing.

Ultra4 Men

Nourex Professional® Ultra 4 Men provides key nutrients for men’s health: zinc to support healthy testosterone levels, magnesium to support muscle contraction, calcium to help maintain bones and teeth, and vitamin D to support immune health.

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